Oscar Molina. Madrid, 1962

He lives in Almería in the south of Spain. At present, he is working on several projects, one of which is Photolatente.

He uses photography as way of expression, especially in his project "Photographs of a Diary", which he has been working on for 12 years.

With others projects as "Box of Watercolours" or "Open Silence", he develops conceptual aspects of the creative process using, up to now, the photographic process.

His work is a result of the photographic experience, however, through his projects he explores global aspects of artistic experience that could be connected to different kinds of artistic practices.

Presently, with Photolatente project, he gathers these aspects into one project, complex in its mechanical process and also in the different possibilities it offers to the observer.

more information: www.oscarmolina.com

Oscar Molina, author of Photolatente project
Photo: Oscar Molina, ©Espacio Azul
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