What is a "Photolatente exhibition"...?

A Photolatente exhibition is the presentation of the different elements of the project. In a Photolatente exhibition, the observer gets a general understanding of the project and is invited to participate in the project.
There is a “Photolatente exhibition pack” consisting of seven points (see A - B - C - D - E and F below), that can be presented all together, or one by one.


> photos of the exhibition in Centro Nacional de Fotografía de Torrelavega in 2006

> photos of the exhibition in Centro Cultural de Las Claras, Festival FotoEncuentros 2008


Exhibition of the elements

. envelopes
. papers
. pictures...

    Exhibition of the elements of Photolatente

An exhibition may consist of Photolatente papers containing developed pictures obtained from original Photolatente envelopes.
It is also possible to exhibit the closed original Photolatente envelopes containing pictures in their latent-state.
The papers, envelopes or developed pictures can be exhibited in different exhibition designs, conceptions or presentations, depending on the characteristics of the gallery and the concept of the exhibition.



Exhibition of the elements of Photolatente
Photo: exhibitions about Photolatente

Photolatente envelopes

  Photolatente envelopes

In each exhibition, people attending the exhibition will be able to acquire original Photolatente envelopes.

Price of the envelopes: 60 cents of euros
(*) The Photolatente envelopes will be distributed by the publisher only.

Envelopes available:
> first edition Photovision (yellow label)
> second edition Bellamatic* (silver label)

(*)The second edition envelopes are distributed through the Bellamatic machine only.


Photolatente envelopes
Photo: Photolatente envelopes from the first edition y second edition

Printed catalogue
or information support

  Printed catalogue or information support

During the exhibitions, the catalogue or additional information containing theoretical approaches to the project can be sold or distributed free of charge among those attending te exhibition.

Monográfico nº 31 Photovision
texts by: Joan Fontcuberta (editorial), Oscar Molina (description of the project), Rosemary Vargas, Eduardo Momeñe, Natacha Pugnet, Álvaro de los Ángeles, Cristina Pérez Andrés, Reproduced pictures: 63.

Manual de instrucciones Bellamatic-Photolatente
texts by: José Gómez Isla, Carma Casulá, Jesús Micó, Joan Casellas
and collaborators: Soledad Salcedo, Mariola Moreno, Rubén Molina, Espacio Azul, Mario González and anonymous collaborators.

texts by: Marta Mantecón, Paula Alegría, Violaya Sánchez

> information about the books

Photo: Photovision nº31 issue open in the "portfolio" section, illustrated with pictures obtained from original Photolatente envelopes



  Information about Photolatente

Texts on information panels, pamphlets or other means, about the exhibition.

One of these elements is the instructions leaflet, with information regarding the handling or developing of the original Photolatente papers. This small leaflet is included in every Photolatente envelope and is both in Spanish and English.

Other informative elements about the Photolatente project (pamphlets, video, DVD, etc,...)

- instructions leaflet that is inserted into the envelopes of the first edition

- information in an exhibition about Photolatente

Information about Photolatente
Information about Photolatente

Photolatente meeting

    Photolatente meeting

In these meetings the author explains the Photolatente project and invites each person to participate in the project. The number of people attending these meetings is limited to 25.

These meetings could be held during exhibition or at a different times. Oscar Molina has organised Photolatente meetings since 1998.

The meetings should be held in a closed and quiet place, with sufficient chairs and adequate space. Photolatente meetings are free and open to everyone. Those attending the meetings are not obliged to participate in the project.

Photo: Photolatente meeting in Los 29 enchufes Gallery, Madrid. ©Espacio Azul, 2002


Photolatente conference,
programme of conferences
or round table meetings

    Photolatente conference, programme of conferences or round table meetings

During Photolatente exhibitions, or at any other moment, it is also possible to organise, apart from the Photolatente meetings (previous page), a programme of conferences or round table meetings.

Conference of the author illustrated with a slide show on the elements of Photolatente and its relationship to previous projects.
Round table meetings. Project editors, the author, critics or people involved in the project meet to discuss the project and its connections with contemporary art.
Conferences. Conferences about themes connected directly or indirectly with the project. Some possible themes could be: “Photolatente, the project of light”. “The author and history”. “The invisible image”. “Duties and rights of the author”. “Latence and the experience of the sublime”.

Among possible participants in conferences or round table meetings:
Álvaro de los Ángeles, Joan Fontcuberta, Ignacio González, Cristina Pérez Andrés, Natacha Pugnet, Rosemary Vargas, Enric Mira, Eduardo Momeñe, Serge Tisseron, Jean Arrouye, Nadine Gómez, Antonio Ansón, Patrick Lamarque...

Photo: presentation of first edition and Photovision magazine in Photogalería. PHE02, ©David Jiménez