18.1.2008 › Publication of the book "PHOTOLATENTE"
Fotoencuentros 2008, Fundación Cajamurcia

Publication of the book "PHOTOLATENTE" Fotoencuentros 2008

On January 17, 2008 presents the book "PHOTOLATENTE" on the occasion of the exhibition devoted to the project that takes place in Las Claras. The book summarizes the history of the project from its inception to the present, photographs, texts, referrals from other projects of the author, etc..

Oscar Molina

Format: 20 x 17 cm.
Pages: 80
Language: Spanish
Prints: Pictografía

Concept and graphic design: Espacio Azul
Texts: Marta Mantecón, Paula Alegría, Violaya Sánchez

Published by: Fundación CajaMurcia

ISBN: 978-8495726-66-7
Depósito Legal: MU-2.354-2007

Order: info@naveka.com

photo: cover of the book© Oscar Molina, Espacio Azul