22.07.2002 › Publication of nş31 of Photovision
Publication of nº31 of Photovision

Nş31 of the magazine Photovision was published on 22 of July 2002. It is a monographic issue about the Photolatente project.

Nş 31 Photovision-Photolatente

A - Portfolio: 22 black and white photographs, obtained from Photolatente envelopes. Tritone reproduction.

B - Editorial: Joan Fontcuberta

C - Text: Oscar Molina. Informative description of the project.

D- Texts: Eduardo Momeñe, Rosemary Vargas, Álvaro de los Ángeles, Natacha Pugnet, Cristina Pérez Andrés.

E - Illustrations: 39 pictures obtained from Photolatente envelopes.

F - Special page: Space reserved for an original Photolatente envelope or a picture.

Pictures of Photolatente envelopes in the issue:
22 + 39 + backcover + Lucam = 63

Edition: IG Fotoeditor, S.L.
Nş of the edition: 31 / 2002
Number of copies: 7.000
Languages: Spanish and English
Format: 23 x 29,7 cm.

Printing: tritone (in the images of the portfolio)
nş of pages: 96 (text and photo pages)

Founder Member: Adolfo Martínez
Director: Ignacio González
Managing Editor: Joan Fontcuberta
Design: Roberto Turégano
Production: David Jiménez
Colour Separations: LUCAM (Madrid)
Printing: Brizzolis (Madrid)


Photo: cover of nş 31 of Photovision

Publication of nº31 of Photovision