15.02.2003› Publication of www.photolatente.com

From March 2003 it will be possible to visit the website: www.photolatente.com

The basic idea of the website, is to create an information point, both descriptive and theoretical, about the Photolatente project. People who already know the project can follow its development, and people who discover it can find descriptive, theoretical and graphic information about it.

The website will have information about editions, ways to acquire envelopes, Photolatente meetings, texts and opinions about the project, pictures of the process of execution, etc. in three languages. It is also possible to obtain information about the author’s bibliography. The web is designed y programmed by Espacio Azul, www.espacioazul.net .

If you would like to obtain more information about other projects Oscar Molina is working on, you can visit his website


Photos: two screens of the website