group of Photolatente envelopes

Is there a control of the envelopes or images?

The author doesn't follow up or control the envelopes and images. In a certain way, the envelopes could be seen as small closed bottles thrown to the sea with secret messages inside; it is the action and the process in itself which give sense to the work. The images imprinted on the Photolatente papers have no sense in themselves insofar as they have a content. They function more like a contingent element than a "finished work". In fact, we could say the Photolatente pictures don't really exist.
However the project gives freedom to the observer, who occasionally could join with others, follow up or control a determinate quantity of envelopes or developed pictures. This fact could be understood as a materialisation of the project. The author therefore doesn't follow up the project, but at the same time anybody interested in doing so can do it who.

Photo: group of Photolatente envelopes