O.Molina lends a roll of film at a meeting

How can I participate in the project?

Those interested in participating in the project must attend at least one "Photolatente meeting". In collaboration with other persons or institutions the author organises these meetings in different places. If you are interested in organising a Photolatente meeting, please contact the author. Meetings may be open to the public or organised with groups of friends or family.

In the Photolatente meetings participants learn about the process and accept the invitation to expose a roll of film that they receive during the meeting. Afterwards, participants have to send the film back to Oscar Molina within a period of approximately two months (by post, courier, personally). The film has to be sent back exposed and undeveloped with a signed copy of the "terms of participation".

Oscar Molina is the only person who exposes the project’s rolls of film.

Information about future Photolatente meetings can be found in the link “agenda”.

The meetings can be held in homes, schools, galleries, etc. If you are interested attending or organising a meeting, please contact the following e-mail address


Photo:O.Molina lends a roll of film at a meeting, © Ibu