enlarger for the 1st Photolatente edition

What can I do with a Photolatente envelope?

There are two basic options: either to develop or not to develop. In the first option, the person gets a visible image on the photolatente paper. This image can be separated from the project (and from the paper, by cutting for example the margin with the seal or transferring it to another mount, etc) and freely used, in a way similar to that any author does with his own pictures. This picture can be modified in unlimited ways before, during or after the developing process.

It is also possible for the owner of a Photolatente paper decides to use it as an element of the Photolatente project according to the terms usually applied to original author works. In this case, the owner of a closed envelope could use it as an original element of his property although he must maintain the relationship with an author.

Photo: enlarger for the 1st Photolatente edition